Bring on the sims

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Here’s the first story making mention of the vicsims of the train 0;disaster”. Toronto’s biggest newspaper doesn’t even attribute the story to anybody or any news organization. The source is “police say”. Is this reporting or storytelling? Doesn’t anyone want to put their name to this fiction?

The carnage was indiscriminate: young and old, white and black, men and women, early birds and night owls. Some died in their beds, others in the Musi-Café.

via Lac-Megantic derailment: Faces of

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the disaster | Toronto Star.

2 thoughts on “Bring on the sims

  1. lynne0312

    Typical (ridiculous) sim stories – Elianne Parenteau

    The 93-year-old lived at 5172 Boulevard des Vétérans, next to the train tracks. She was an industrious homemaker and neighbour: in the summer, she used to set up chairs on her lawn so she and her friends could listen to the town’s frequent public concerts.

    1. Ab Irato

      I just breezed over the vicsim silly stories. For more information on what a vicsim is for new readers, search for.vicsim in the right searchbox or click September Clues Tourguide on the top of this page and find the vicsim section.

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