5 thoughts on “Anchor bots

  1. Blue Moon

    I had a friend intern at the local CBS affiliate here in Frisco and he said the only person who could edit a report after it was entered into the teleprompter would be the anchor man/woman his/herself during a commercial break, and only for clarity- If the info was typed in on the fly with no chance to review it then the order came from the director on set- If the producer in the control booth sent it through to the director then it was probably planned in a meeting higher up- The Korean community in the bay area is substantial but has a very small presence in the wider culture so this ditz probably didn’t think twice that these ‘exotics” have weird names- Dong and Wang and Hung are common names ’round these parts-

  2. lux

    An intern’s prank? I don’t buy that. I doubt that interns compose on-air news copy. I think this was intentional and a psy-op in itself.

    Psychological positioning of those who ridicule fake media “tragedies” as being cruel, racist baddies.

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