At least 7 dead in Paris train crash

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Here we go again —  just in time for le weekend!

  • 0;at least” 7 dead playing on “7” meme (7th month)
  • on a Friday, right before a holiday for maximum discussion time
  • train cars 3 + 4 (=7)
  • helpless children meme
  • involved rail (persistent theme so far this month)
  • words like “apocalypse” and “catastrophe” being tossed around
  • expect many more memes and themes to emerge as the story continues to be “released”


The cause of the crash was under investigation. Two train cars, Nos. 3 and 4, initially derailed, then knocked the other cars off the track, Pepy said.

via At least 7 believed dead, dozens injured after packed Paris to Limoges train derails, crashes into station | National Post.

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