Lac Megantic researcher

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Good to see another well done blog with some good research on the Quebec train crash hoax.

There are a lot of ways to approach a 0;media event” like the train crash in the Canadian town near the Maine border. Rather than go into a complete analysis, I personally find it amazing that these illusions can be pulled off even half-successfully. After reviewing nearly 100 photos on Google picture search of the Lac Magantic oil-tanker train crash, I’ve spotted some unexplainable astonishing anomolies that are key indicators of a hoax.

via : TRAINCRASH – How the illusion is created..

2 thoughts on “Lac Megantic researcher

  1. rickpotvin

    Train tanker cars would not have piled up zig zag like sardines in one spot because as soon as you get one bunch of cars off the rails, force is transmitted back through the rest of the train, slowing it until the last cars would simply decelerate smoothly as the rest of the train absorbs the force…. see my illustrations here……

    I can’t understand where even the high school and college students or even hobby computer guys with train simulators are to replicate this crash. There should be hundreds of people laughing at this silly government supported hoax by now… where is everyone?


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