Nuclear snoozers

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Canada is hot and heavy in the nuclear ruse. Today reveals some new nonsense.

Crucial evidence of Israel’s suspected nuclear weapons program was discovered by Canada in 1964, sending shivers through Washington, Ottawa and London, according to newly-surfaced U.S. and British national archives’ papers.

Forty-three previously secret U.S. and British government archival documents related to the Israeli yellowcake file recently surfaced and have now been published by the U.S. National Security Archives in concert with two nuclear non-proliferation organizations.

via Canadian report on Israeli nuclear program stunned 1964 diplomatic world.

We see the silly 43 (4+3=7) seven meme continue. Yellowcake is a funny term that must have its comic, fictive roots in some inside joke from the inception of the . Anyone have any insight in why they’d choose such a silly name for their element?

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8 thoughts on “Nuclear snoozers

  1. aj

    After seeing the nuke lies video it is clear to me that nuclear bombs are fake. If they would lie about the existence of nuclear bombs, why wouldn’t they lie about nuclear power?

  2. Blue Moon

    Through my brother and grandfather who were both naval officers and nuclear engineers I can say I’m comfortable with the reality of nuclear power- However, it is a tool, like anything else overseen by the military (in the case of the nuclear industry, specifically the US Navy) Nuclear power may or may not be a reasonable alternative to fossil fuels but it remains in play to provide leverage-
    My belief is that if you are completely dependent on a petroleum based energy system to power this country you cannot rig phony shortages to justify the higher price rates to customers because you would have to cut some people’s power to demonstrate the shortage- That is a very foolish thing to do as it will wake up not just the consumers who suddenly have no electricity at home or gas for their cars but will prod the local government to have to make a show of concern and outrage to avoid jeopardizing those local seats of power (See the Enron scandal for what not to do if you are a PIP)
    With nuclear power carrying about 15-20% of the load, you can sell an oil “shortage” without anyone feeling the pinch directly- A phony war in a cartel country can justify a 10% hike in a gallon of gas or a spike in utility rates without anyone missing work or having the contents of their refrigerator spoiling- The fact is, that Bermuda Triangle of comfort that exists between the three coordinates of bed, couch and television must not be disturbed or people might become aware of their addictions and dependency and maybe, possibly, start thinking-
    As for weapons, I think they exist solely in theory as described in mountains of technical papers and arcane mathematics- I think parts warehouses contain the makings of nuclear weapons unassembled – I think radioactive materials have been inventoried and could theoretically be weaponized and installed in bomb casings and therefore, in theory, also count as part of the arsenal- Whether these weapons would actually work if assembled is probably only guessed at but the propaganda value of claiming they do is all you really need if you have a compliant mass media to sell this potential secular Armageddon- And that’s the key term: A secular Armageddon- Total annihilation in an apocalyptic war is a very old archetype which has been refaced for each successive age where mass control has been effective- In the age of science the image of angels and demons doesn’t really sell so a technocratic veneer has been fit over the same old story to make the threat seem plausible for the materialist consensus- The mindbenders are always hard at work tinkering on a subconscious level to keep these ancient concepts fresh-

      1. Blue Moon

        Fair enough- Just for the record, Ab, I do appear to be in lock step agreement with you on 911 particulars, so I hope no one thinks I’m some random antagonist looking to peddle agendas of one sort or another- It is quite possible that in regards to all things nuclear I’m just too close to the trees to see the forest- And my close relatives would be a lot closer to the bark and saddled with a need to know pro-Navy POV, so who really knows what they think they know- As of this posting I’ll cautiously remain seated but I am always in the hunt for new information-

        1. ab Post author

          I’m ok with disagreement. I am secure in my knowledge. I do believe you’re right in being too close to the forest to see the tree. Just because you know someone for real in the industry tells us nothing. How many people in the nuke plant would get to see the secret sauce? Answer: none. How many people know the secret formula for Coke? KFC? 1 or 2 perhaps. Not enough for it to get out (the latter to corps please keep it a secret, as no-one in their right mind should partake in the product for their own good).

  3. lux

    The nuclear power and weapons that are shown to the public do appear to be fake but uranium, plutonium and other such materials as well as radioactivity itself do exist.

  4. Jan Erik

    Wonder what the people who works for IAEA are working with ?
    As i am quite SHURE nuclear power and weapens are FAKE.

    Any thought on that anybody ???

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