The fundamentals of psyOps

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Quite possibly the best explanation of what is happening/has happened to us (the herd). Tom breaks down psyOps into their basic components.…

I am currently re-listening to this interview and will post notes here as I go along. I’ve appealed to John and Tom to come on radioab to further discuss this fascinating explanation of the information war (to borrow Alex Jones’ slogan).

The majority of war today (and into the past) are information wars, with deception as a major component. The idea, as stated by  Sun Tzu,(who may have been fake as well) is to wage war by deception. The best way to perform effective deception is to disrupt the victim’s OODA loop.

Tom mentioned that the best way to break down these psyOps is to separate them into manageable  pieces. You then create a spreadsheet with all the versions of the psyOp and analyse each one. It’s  organizing the contradictory mass of (dis)information that allows one to clearly see what’s real, and what’s not.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by Tom in Connecticut. Tom and I will be discussing the techniques of psychological and information warfare.

via John Friend’s Blog: The Realist Report with John Friend.

h/t Aral Sea


  • media is extremely confusing for average person
  • group of people attempting to perpetrate a second “October revolution” worldwide
  • Lenin’s idea  to replace nation states with collective regional governments as building blocks to New World Social Order
  • direct opposition to nationalism, national sovereignty, individual rights, self determination
  • state power ceding to federal powers
  • all control being done through monetary system
  • domination of human consciousness paramount as political objective
  • communism old method of forced terror replaced with deception (information warfare)


  • information warfare targets knowledge and belief system of target
  • control thoughts at source by shaping words and phrases using NLP methods
  • most of the compliant masses are unaware they’re being tricked
  • get a critical mass to at least question what’s going…it’s going to lead to an avalanche
  • well designed psyOps exploit the limits of human cognition
  • use CIA methodology to analyze
  • right down key patterns of fact pattern, and analyze which ones are actually facts
  • CIA is banking that you’re not going to use hypothesis comparing software
  • the software tools exist to prove psyOps are fake events
  • 90% is manipulating perception of the enemy to avoid kinetic operations when possible since they’re costly and could go wrong
  • attack target’s will to resist by attacking their knowledge and belief sytems (family, religion)
  • psyOps are a science
  • they don’t want the general public aware of the methods to deconstruct deceptions. The smarter people will be able to explain to the unaware the methods to prove deception and the whole voting game will be rendered null and void
  • “There will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again.” – Joseph Goebbels


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Jan Erik Hansen
Jan Erik(@jan-erik-hansen)
8 years ago

These 2 guys are neo nazi !
Praising Germany and using the the JEW meme.
To understand anything one meeds to understand the aristocratic structure.
The Germans was broken by their own Hochadel.
Garmany was a feudal society and they treated the pesant as slaves.