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This is a complex subject for my simple mind but Simon Shack of takes a crack at our solar system. My opening comment is the same for this as it is for many other things we are told. We have to throw out most everything we’ve been taught as fact and re-examine it, as we are being lied by those that rule over us in a big way. I’m ready to start back with the /spherical earth debate, to the moon and starts and sun. All 0;science” is a belief system based on what the church deemed correct hundreds of years ago.


The Earth rotates around its own axis – but not around the Sun.

A new perspective of our planet’s place in the skies – by Simon Shack, July 2013

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  1. aj

    We know nothing about the sun, moon or stars. I’ve heard some say the moon isn’t real and it’s a hologram. Sounds more believable than what science has said. I’ve heard that the sun is actually cold. Sounds believable since the closer to the sun we get the colder it becomes. I have no clue what the stars are but whatever science has said about them is probably false. As far as the solar system and other planets, I don’t think there are any but I could be wrong. My opinions are subject to change if compelling information is presented but as of right now, I’m discrediting everything science has taught us about astronomy.


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