9/11 clocks

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Interesting video. Obviously David Rockefeller is a small player in the scheme of things and can hardly be responsible for what we know was a world intelligence operation. Sweet candy all the same.

via 9-11 ON CLOCKS IN OVER A DOZEN MOVIES SINCE THE 60s !!! & Live Moment Planes Hit Towers – YouTube.

h/t Peter Sheehan

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2 thoughts on “9/11 clocks

  1. rickpotvin

    I found Whoopi Goldberg looked particularly ominous to me under her 9:11 clock at 8:46 on the morning of 9/11– contrary to her nice persona on the talk shows or as the bartender in StarTrek. So she too is involved. Henry Makow has done a good job on pointing to the entire Satanically controlled movie industry.

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