More on the Lac Megantic hoax

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Rick’s doing some great research on this hoax.

If you note the upright rectangle! — when I first glanced at it, I thought it might be an upended rail car until I realized the oil traincars are fatter and shorter, and round– and couldn’t be that tall. Instantly I was struck with the thought that it would be a fire/smoke stack– something I’m somewhat familiar with from my workdays at the steel mill in Hamilton, Ontario– in principle– although the flame and smoke coming out of the stack in Lac Megantic is higher volume. : Lac MeGAntIC Quebec Oiltank traincar explosion MAGIC trick partly exposed with FIRE & SMOKE PIPE CHIMNEYS to create illusions of fireball explosions..

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8 years ago

Perhaps this has already been mentioned but I have not seen mention of it as yet … Since when is crude oil an explosive? I know it burns at a high temperature but … an explosive? I had not heard of this alleged property of crude oil until recently via the media. I also happened to see a bit of the movie “The Dark Knight” on teevee last night and noticed there is a scene involving a crude oil explosion. I guess I should worry since I live in Los Angeles which sits atop huge deposits of crude oil. Gosh… Read more »