SF plane crash pilots joke video

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An update on this previously posted video.

The purpose of this video, as discussed on Chris’ last Hoaxbusters (check the last 30 minutes of the call), is to provide a limited hangout.

There is no way this made it past the editors, and was 0;verified” by any NTSB officials, interns or not.

It was put out to give the idea that the media is incompetent, and couldn’t possibly be controlled. If it WAS controlled, how could one explain such a screw up? Anyone watching this will walk away thinking “nothing to see here, move along”, thereby letting the media off the hook.

It establishes the meme that the media is so uncontrolled that stupid, easy to spot mistakes slip through. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

The military via intelligence ops runs the media from top to bottom. Everything you see is carefully placed and parsed. We do not get real news or investigative reporting. We get propaganda disguised as news.

via San Francisco TV Station Exposing Names Of Asiana Pilots | Asiana Pilots names from KTVU News – YouTube.

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