What wind?

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In Ontario, we are 0;dependent” on “nuclear” power. Since I don’t think it even exists, that leaves a problem…where does the power come from? The latest swindle is windmills. During our current heatwave, you may have noticed that the air stands still. Windmills don’t turn, unless of course they are using power, which they must have at all times to keep them from seizing. So, if they don’t supply baseline power, and don’t provide power in extreme heat or cold (when the wind is least likely to blow), what use are they? Who is making money from them? Their characteristics are very similar to nuclear, except this time, people can understand how they work and also see when they are generating power (or at least see when they turn).

He noted that as demand for power surged Monday due to the heat wave, the province’s wind turbines were producing only 2 megawatts of power at 10 a.m. By 11 a.m., it had risen to 3 megawatts.

Meanwhile, market demand for the day peaked at just under 26,000 megawatts.

Newly constructed windmills D4 (nearest) to D1...

Newly constructed windmills D4 (nearest) to D1 on the Thornton Bank, 28 km off shore, on the Belgian part of the North Sea. The windmills are 157m (+TAW) high, 184m above the sea bottom. Vane length : 61.5m Rotor diameter: 126m Rotor area: 12.469m² Turbines: 5MW manufactured by . (Photo credit: )

via Conservation before new generators, Ontario says | Toronto Star.


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3 thoughts on “What wind?

  1. ab Post author

    All good posts Rick. I know they can reduce the generation quite quickly but not in seconds. Not sure how many workers in the nuke plant would have to know. You can’t see which way the power is going and you can’t see, hear, feel, or taste radioactivity.

  2. rickpotvin

    Tim, Ontario depends on HYDRO and COAL– since nuclear is fake. See big-lies.org. Nuclear plants are ALWAYS 15% of the “Total power supply” of any nation for some reason– it turns out it’s because that the variance they need to create night time dumpload sufficient to keep hydro/coal/gas generators going with a load. You can’t run a generator without a load and you can’t shut generators down every night and start them up in the morning. The hoax has weaved itself into the most unbelievable giant lie I’ve ever thought possible– beyond normal belief actually. And we have nuclear “engineers” who are “human” who actually participate in the lie. My nuclear power plant acquaintances are freemasons and I’m SURE that that is the group that keeps them all “mum”. “Mum’s the word” said Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island. You and me and your readers and Simon and the rest of us are like a stranded group on Gillilgans Island. Let’s play it.

  3. rickpotvin

    I didn’t realize they’re powering windmills.. but it’s a way to create another avenue for dump-loads which is what nuclear (fake) “power plants” are. Generators need to be kept running, Tim– overnight while society powers down– so you have to create a load. Nuclear power “plants” with their big steam chimney’s burn the unused power that overnight NON use of generators create. You’ll find that nuclear power “plants” by lakes and bodies of water in general dissapte heat into that water– “dumping” the “load” that HAS to be dumped to keep gas/coal/oil/hydro generators running. You solved a giant puzzle for me just now though in that windmills could be “dumploads” as well- rather than power generators. The closest I can come to this paradox that I recently realized was that none of us can figure out which WAY the power is “going” on those giant power lines with giant towers. We’re made to THINK it goes from the “generators” to the cities… but they’re actually “dumplines” that allow regular coal/gas/hydro generators to remain running through the night. The only solution for this is national bank credit for giant flywheels. Or tapping the ionosphere which tEsla referred to– although I hear you lately on “tesla”. Still, the ionosphere looks real to me and there is an end run for humanity there in my current thinking.

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