Importing our psyOps

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I guess Quebec or Canada doesn’t have any forensic experts (read good liars).

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec (Reuters) – A U.S. expert who worked on the aftermath of the September 11 attacks is helping Canadian authorities sift through wreckage left more than a week after a runaway train barrelled into a lakeside town in Quebec killing 50 people, police said on Wednesday.…?.tsrc=samsungwn&.sep=table

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2 thoughts on “Importing our psyOps

  1. ab Post author

    It’s possible there’s jamming. More than likely the scene is cordoned off to this day.

    Good point on the cell phones. Listened to someone describe a recent event with young people, and almost everyone was recording using their phones or pads. An almost alien scene to be sure.

    jhwildlifefilm.files.wordpress…Photography today with pads and phones

  2. rickpotvin

    Ironically, it’s fitting Canada should import the forensics expert since a Lac Megantic company exported the granite for the 9/11 monument! (source- video on my post here…) Monument:…

    As well, the fact that the 9/11 forensics expert is going to sift the wreckage brings to my mind the electronic jamming on 9/11 that prevented any real pictures and real video to appear to us so that we were fooled for 10 years leading up to the fake photos of Judy Woods. For the past day, I’ve been considering that all the photos from Google picture search I posted on my blog about Lac Megantic are not only photoshopped– but that they could be entirely fake– and that like on 9/11– and possibly up to right now– there is electronic jamming going on. My primary clues to that are…

    1. I have what appears to be a real mainstream sourced photo of a bunch of people standing around looking at the explosion in the middle of the night and NONE of them is holding up a cellphone camera as we see young people do at concerts and political events all the time time now.

    2. I can’t find any ordinary people with ordinary handles or names posting pictures or youtube videos. All pictures and videos are sourced from various mainstream or alternative media sources that actually have media names.

    It strikes me that it’s quite possible that electronic jamming is continuing in effect right now to some extent.

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