Nukes to the heat wave rescue

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Nukes are being praised in Ontario as we swelter through a heat wave. Don’t you wish there was a way to see where power was really coming from? Due to its invisible properties, it can always be relegated to the 0;” category, and therefore, we will forever be held hostage to the scam.

Nuclear Power

Thank god for air conditioning. Or rather, thank nuclear power – that’s what’s keeping us cool. Wednesday morning at 7 a.m., Ontario’s nuclear plants were generating more than half of the province’s electricity: 11,148 megawatts. Gas, hydro and coal accounted for another 8,608 MW. Wind power, at 97 MW, barely moved the dial

via Staying cool? Thank nuclear power – The Globe and Mail.

My comment…watch the shills come out and eat me alive:

Most of us can see that wind turbines are a scam, but what if nuclear power was as well? If it is a magic power, as touted here, why isn’t it used exclusively anywhere in the world? If it were real, wouldn’t economies of scale bring the cost down as its deployed all over? Why does it cost so much to build a plant anyway? The back and forth between the environmental “movement” and industry is equally as phony, a simple dog and pony show to distract people from the real issue that they are being scammed. I dare you to think outside the box to explain this otherwise completely contradictory situation.

Does anyone know if there is an occult reason for the design of the cooling towers? They are certainly an odd shape.


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2 thoughts on “Nukes to the heat wave rescue

  1. ab Post author

    It’s OK Rick. You don’t need Freemasons or Joos or Satan to explain corruption. You just need intent and a level of military style organization, coupled with a healthy dose of greed. My amazement is how long they can keep the scam alive.

  2. rickpotvin

    I concluded that nuclear power doesn’t exist– that all nuclear plants are either on lakes or rivers or have cooling towers because they’re dumploads. See

    I think the shape of the tower actually makes sense mechanically because they really are releasing hot steam and being so high, they do indeed require a larger base.

    Overnight underused power from gas/coal/hyrdo generators is being sent TO the nuclear plant to be burned off as steam out of the tower or hot water into lakes and rivers. The generators have to be on through the night but electrical generators also need a “load” which is what the fake nuclear plant provides.

    The size and scope of this trick is beyond description. Even mind boggling is inadequate. I’ve begun to think about demonic powers actually existing because the scale of trickery and deceipt, the sheer magnitude and consistency of the deception over time and across all universities and organizations, speaks to some higher evil intelligence. It’s as if there is indeed an Evil God who is able to concieve and coordinate all of this.

    Family and friends I know who were and are in the nuclear industry in Ontario are, I recently found out, are freemasons. I think that is the secret org for people who seem regular but who are carrying these secrets with them even as they converse with you, go out for a beer with you and maybe interact with your family. To this extent, the way they hold me and you in contempt by keeping their little part of the equation secret is evil on a scale I never imagined.


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