Ep50-Plastic Macca’s Tina Foster

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Showtime: Saturday, July 20, 2013 9:11pm EDT

We’re taking calls for Tina tonite. Call in at 518-907-4904 or skype contact ab.irato99

Tonite we welcome back Tina Foster from Plasticmacca.

Tina Foster will be speaking about on Radio Ab Irato tomorrow (9:11 pm EST). Her exposé of the movie, “ Really is Dead: the Last Testament of George Harrison,” can be read below.

Despite its promising title, “Paul Really is Dead: the Last Testament of George Harrison” (PRID)  is a hit piece of the poorest quality. Change in belief comes about when good information is presented in a believable manner. To convince people they have been duped by a double of Paul McCartney requires compelling evidence, such as forensic analysis. This movie contains the poorest so-called “evidence” available out there on the Internet. The people behind Paul’s assassination have seeded the Internet with much disinformation regarding the Beatles and especially PID (Paul is Dead conspiracy theory). A modest amount of investigation reveals PRID to be a vehicle for presenting PID in the worst possible light.
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