Faul wades into Lac Megantic

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Just on the heels of my show with Tina tonight Ep50-Plastic Macca’s Tina Foster | radio.abirato.info on /, we have Faul wading hip deep into the Lac Megantic . No doubt who he works for I guess.

Paul McCartney is reaching out to disaster-stricken Lac-Mégantic, giving free tickets to his Quebec City concert to survivors of the deadly train derailment and inferno.

via Lac-Mégantic tragedy: Paul McCartney offers free show tickets | Toronto Star.

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2 thoughts on “Faul wades into Lac Megantic

  1. rickpotvin

    Yeah, I saw that. Coincidentally, I happened to be youtubing music today and ran across a very strange video comparing the early paul vocal with later paul vocals– in terms of voice depth– measured in late paul down to D2. This is a bit musically technical but I play piano for a living so will report on my findings. Your site resonates with a lot of my own reading of the daily news– in particular Lac Megantic of course right now. My point is that we might be able to prove pauls’ voice range change is impossible… thus prove early paul is not late paul. There may even have been a second switcharoo. I’ve been a beatles fan so am tuned into this too. I also realize that the music industry is fully satanic. I watch a Star Trek today too and noted all the references to horns, and the fact that Star Trek science could not revive spock but the people with horns could.

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