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Shack on cluesforum position

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It’s amazing how once someone is branded like a steer, how hard it is to get away from the mark.

I hear time and time again how Simon Shack and cluesforum.info… say everything we see in psyops is fake and CGI. It is from this statement that they launch into a grand dismissal of his cutting edge work, thus leading others away from the volumes of research.

Perhaps I misread or misheard, but never did I get this impression of cluesforum.

Cluesforum doesn’t really have an official position on one specific method of deception. If anything, they make it clear that psyops are a wide ranging, multifaceted, multipurposed media event using multiple deception techniques. From CGI, to video layering or compositing, to green screen, to crisis actors, to FEMA drills, to Photoshop, to photomorphing, to prerecorded sequences, to name a few techniques — they explain and include them all.

In fact, no two psyops are the same, but they do all follow some basic strategies of deception. The newest ones are starting to introduce DCAs (as posted earlier) as technology rapidly accelerates to create a totally believable virtual moving world.

So the next time someone tries to paint Simon and Co. off the research canvas, tell them to allocate 24 solid hours in cluesforum.info… and get themselves learned.

September Clues should only serve as a teaser to hook you into the real meat of the matter, which is cluesforum.info….  Do your research!

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