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Jon Benet Ramsey Hoax PsyOp

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My research is admitted cursory and shallow, mostly looking for simple things like media fakery and magic occult numbers. If had time to spend day and night on this or the daily media events, I’d be living hand to mouth.

Since there’s very little psyOp or hoax related material on pre-9/11 media events, I thought I’d use this post to kick off a forum topic on this similar-to 9/11 event.

The case is a puzzle that cannot be solved. It involves actors, rabbit trails, and had the full command of the CNN psyOp organ pumping full blast for years. It had a nation, and the world, enthralled.

Slowly, the case fades, unresolved, full of conflict. DNA was promoted as a scientific fact and wonder tool (makes you wonder of its validity), and a nation was gripped in fear of a pre-terror bogeyman. Law enforcement was labeled incompetent, then competent; actors shuffled on and off the scene.

I checked out the JonBenet Ramsey – The Denver Post site. There are many links full of occultist statistics. Even her weight (45lbs) [9] and her height (47inches) [11] reveal simple numbers that to me indicate we are dealing with a simChild.(autopsy)  I haven’t been able to find a death certificate, so I’ll presume it doesn’t exist, similar to the Sandy Hoax sims.

Since we know people deceive, as usual it is only difficult to fathom the magnitude of the deception. Since we accept the 9/11 deception, it makes these smaller, yet significant, hoaxes all the more easy to accept.

Be sure to post your findings in the forums below.

JonBenét Patricia Ramsey /?d??nb??ne? p??tr??? ?ræmzi/; (August 6, 1990 – December 25, 1996) was an American child beauty pageant queen who was murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado, in 1996. The six-year-old’s body was found in the basement of the family home about eight hours after she was reported missing during a police search of her home. She had been struck on the head and strangled. The case remains unsolved, even after several grand jury hearings, and continues to generate public and media interest.

via Murder of JonBenét Ramsey – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Filling the news hole

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I was thinking of the umpteenth (fake) train crash tonight. Trying to come up with good reasons for why they fake these events aren’t always evident, but one reason may be the multiplicity of 24 hour news networks, cable and internet.

For TV, it’s much worse. You can only repeat the same dull political stories so many times, and in the summer with the pols relaxing on your tax dollars, there’s even less to talk about. Solution? Make up the news! If you’re going to make it up, you may as well make it good and have some profound, herd moving meaning. A good psyOp can carry a 24 news network for days. Make the psyOp more complex, and you can draw it out for weeks. Even though media and psyOps are owned and run by the same complex, internal, symbiotic systems evolve where they feed on themselves.

It’s this sick, incestous cycle that we’ve got to throw a spanner into.

Someone else had the same thought recently:

In our around-the-clock/24-hour-news world television networks, news radio stations and websites alike often appear to struggle to create enough content to fill their minutes of airtime.  Often, it appears that it’s necessary for news to be created when there isn’t any.

via Diatribe: Creating News When There Isn’t Any. | DiatribesAndOvations.

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Twins, 33, 11

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Is this what my previous post was referring to, making news? What pregnant woman carrying an extra 30-100lbs of baby goes for a walk at night?

Vancouver police Sgt. Randy Fincham said officers found the 33-year-old woman at around 11 p.m. PT on the south side of Oppenheimer Park, with a “very small” newborn in her arms.


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Munich Terror Event hoax

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Going back down the memory hole, looking at what appears to be a fairly crudely constructed hoax / psyOp.

1972 Olympic Terror in Munich Hoax.

Terrific video, well put together.

h/t Simon

ABU NIDAL vs BIN LADIN • Cluesforum.info…

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Is DNA (testing) a hoax?

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I’ve brought this up before, and I will bring up this fairly tame article on the subject to open a forum topic. I don’t know if DNA itself is a real or simulated thing, so I therefore must question DNA testing. It’s been the paramount of evidence for the last 25 years. It trumps all other forms of proof. What if it was a hoax?

I could be far off base scientifically on this one — but as you know, 9/11 opened up a huge can of worms for me last year so everything should be flushed out.

Theresa Caragine stepped down in April after it was revealed she had overruled staff under her supervision and failed to turn the conflicts over to a third party. Now the door has been opened for some criminal cases to be contested for use of potentially faulty test results.

via EXCLUSIVE: Pioneer in DNA testing quits Medical Examiner’s Office over lab violations – NY Daily News.

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OJ psyOp continues?

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Is there any chance that OJ is/was ever in jail? The only way this case or his “crime of the century” case can make sense is through psyop hoax glasses.

Looking at them both through these lenses ties up all the nonsensical loose ends.

Personally, I really enjoyed the now “deceased” Johnny Cochrane character. The Chris Darden character always annoyed me. This is of course what traditional soap operas do best…string you along so you have to consume another unhealthy dose of commercials and programming.

Simpson provided a glimpse of his time in prison since he was sentenced tonine to 33 years behind bars. He said he has served as a counsellor of sorts to other inmates who come to him with their issues. But he said he shouldn’t be compared with other inmates.


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