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I was thinking of the umpteenth (fake) train crash tonight. Trying to come up with good reasons for why they fake these events aren’t always evident, but one reason may be the multiplicity of 24 hour news networks, cable and internet.

For TV, it’s much worse. You can only repeat the same dull political stories so many times, and in the summer with the pols relaxing on your tax dollars, there’s even less to talk about. Solution? Make up the news! If you’re going to make it up, you may as well make it good and have some profound, herd moving meaning. A good can carry a 24 news network for days. Make the psyOp more complex, and you can draw it out for weeks. Even though media and are owned and run by the same complex, internal, symbiotic systems evolve where they feed on themselves.

It’s this sick, incestous cycle that we’ve got to throw a spanner into.

Someone else had the same thought recently:

In our around-the-clock/24-hour-news world television networks, news radio stations and websites alike often appear to struggle to create enough content to fill their minutes of airtime.  Often, it appears that it’s necessary for news to be created when there isn’t any.

via Diatribe: Creating News When There Isn’t Any. | DiatribesAndOvations.

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