Is DNA (testing) a hoax?

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I’ve brought this up before, and I will bring up this fairly tame article on the subject to open a forum topic. I don’t know if DNA itself is a real or simulated thing, so I therefore must question DNA testing. It’s been the paramount of evidence for the last 25 years. It trumps all other forms of proof. What if it was a hoax?

I could be far off base scientifically on this one — but as you know, opened up a huge can of worms for me last year so everything should be flushed out.

Theresa Caragine stepped down in April after it was revealed she had overruled staff under her supervision and failed to turn the conflicts over to a third party. Now the door has been opened for some criminal cases to be contested for use of potentially faulty test results.

via EXCLUSIVE: Pioneer in DNA testing quits Medical Examiner’s Office over lab violations – NY Daily News.

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