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Transportation tension

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Keeping the tension top of mind – and spreading it around the globe. Now a crash on the other side of the world makes news locally, so the stress itself is globalizedOperation Gladio of the past is now Operation Globial.

At least 36 people have been killed in southern Italy when a coach plunged 30m (98ft) down a steep slope, Italian media report citing rescue services.

The coach hit several cars before coming off a flyover near the town of Avellino, in the Campania region.

At least 11 people have been injured, some of them seriously, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The coach was taking about 50 p

via BBC News – Italy coach crash: ‘At least 36 dead’ near Avellino.

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Streetcar named fakery

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This story has all the earmarks of being a psyOp, a staged hoax.

It’s full of memes, demonizing Muslims, Syria, immigrants. It comes complete with “spontaneous” memorials, a rally, and a father’s freshly created facebook page. It reads better than most university graduates’ diction level and is full of slogans and causes. An unlikely profile for a hard working immigrant for sure. Even the “rally” already has pre-printed, high quality, anti-police signs. Hardly something grassroots, more like astro-turfed.

The devastated father of an 18-year-old shot dead by Toronto police on a streetcar is searching for answers in the death of his son, who he called an “average kid.”

via Sammy Yatim: Family of dead teen stunned and baffled by police shooting | Toronto 1  Syed Hussan

Ep52-9/11 Photographer

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Showtime: July 28, 2013 0600h EDT

We talk with Guillaume, who said he was down at “Ground Zero” on 9/11 to take pictures.

Ep52-911 photographer.mp3





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