Streetcar named fakery

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This story has all the earmarks of being a , a staged hoax.

It’s full of memes, demonizing Muslims, Syria, immigrants. It comes complete with “spontaneous” memorials, a rally, and a father’s freshly created facebook page. It reads better than most university graduates’ diction level and is full of slogans and causes. An unlikely profile for a hard working immigrant for sure. Even the “rally” already has pre-printed, high quality, anti-police signs. Hardly something grassroots, more like astro-turfed.

The devastated father of an 18-year-old shot dead by on a streetcar is searching for answers in the death of his son, who he called an “average kid.”

via Sammy Yatim: Family of dead teen stunned and baffled by police shooting | Toronto 1  Syed Hussan

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