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War psyOp?

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Are the numbers here from the past or newly created?

Is this story a new hoax with its magic numbers, or an old hoax from 1944? I tend to go with new today, but could they have been hoaxing away back in WW2? It’s clear the WW2 had more than its share of fakery (Atomic Bombs, to name one biggie), but how many of the numbers were anywhere close to being true? What really happened? The liars that control us have been around for a long, long time. What makes us think they’ve changed their modus operendi?

While we’re at it, does anyone really think we should be harrassing 90 and 100 year old men, who were part of a military where one followed orders?

The killing of 335 Italian civilians in March 1944 was an act of revenge.

A bomb planted by partisans on a street in Rome had killed 33 German soldiers.

via BBC News – Unrepentant Nazi criminal Priebke chills Rome.

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