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Nailed it

Bostonterrierowner from… nailed our false reality:

This “real victims” situation is very similar to what happened for example around Smolensk “crash” with Polish president in April 2010.
Lots of very well known people disappeared from public life as a result of this but it doesn’t mean they really died that day . IMHO states are run by secret services via their agents , assets in media politics , church and whatnot . In one point in time they are given an order from their managing officers to “die” or give a false personal account to some particular event just like a screen writer decides what happens to his characters in the movie .

One needs to look at televised world around us like it is a soap opera because that’s what it really is .

“Local – and minor media scams • Re: El Ferrol Train Derailment (July 25, 2013)”…

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