Review of the Spain train movie

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Simon reviews the EL-FERROL MOVIE

All in all, I have to say that this video exhibits the full range of tell-tale / trademark-features of psyoppyish ‘amateur footage’. The constantly shaky, ‘wobbly’ and ‘pastel-colored’ imagery, the excruciatingly silly soundtrack (for maximum ‘emotional effect’) dominated by an ‘inconsolable’ sobbing man + constantly whining sirens, as well as the usual dose of oddities and aberrations. The part where Carlos adresses a motionless (ketchup-faced and barefooted) woman lying on the ground is priceless (6:30 into the video). He tells her to “stay calm” – then calls for assistance at the top of his lungs and shouts at her when she turns on her side – all this as he (supposedly) keeps filming with his stupid camera! And you’ve gotta love the wondrous physics involved with that Detached Coach ending up on that hill – upright and mostly intact – yet with all its wheel assemblies stripped off !

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