Sammy Yatin Death certificate?

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death certificateShould be pretty easy to prove that I’m wrong about the Sammy Yatin . Just show me a certified copy of the death certificate and I’ll admit I went too far on this one. Of course, if someone issues a false document in Canada, there are criminal code consequences

Identity documents

56.1 (1) Every person commits an offence who, without lawful excuse, procures to be made, possesses, transfers, sells or offers for sale an identity document that relates or purports to relate, in whole or in part, to another person.

via Criminal Code.

I believe that these are performed within the confines of the law. Apparently that’s pretty easy, since lying via the media is legal. Some components, if forged for reality, are illegal, and therefore avoided. is apparently stalled on the releasing of death certificates of the simchildren. They are even going as far as passing a law in Connecticut to allow the avoidance of breaking the law of forgery of death certificates just for this not requiring the release of these certificates.…

Will that happen in Toronto? Can we have any citizen of this country interested please contact serviceOntario for a copy of this man’s death certificate so we can stop our fakeologist investigation?…

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