Swindle side of psyOp hoaxes

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Swindle side of PsyOps hoaxes

It’s one thing to deceive people into thinking a certain way, it’s another thing to steal their money. I’m not sure giving to a charity under false pretenses is illegal — but it should be. Chances are it is legal, as most work within the limits of the law.

 “Hopefully one day, when people hear ‘Tim Bosma,’ it’s not just about what happened to him. It’s what hopefully becomes a legacy going forward.”

Donations to Tim’s Tribute can be made directly to Christian Stewardship Services, Suite 214A – 500 Alden Rd., Markham, Ont., L3R 5H5, payable to CSS with the memo notated to “Tim’s Tribute.”

via Widow of Tim Bosma finds hope in her new charity – Hamilton.

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Lac-Mégantic Support

During the night of July 6th, a derailed train carrying crude oil caused explosions and a devastating fire in downtown Lac-Mégantic. Canadian Red Cross teams are actively responding to ensure that the needs of evacuees are being met. Some of these people have lost everything. Your help is urgently needed.


The real victims of psyOps are those that are swindled out of their money for hoax events.

Here’s a personal message to the Canadian Red Cross: it’s because of the above support from your website of a fake event that I will never donate one red cent again — and I gave plenty in the past.

So the next real set of victims of these hoaxes are legitimate victims who needed and will need help in real situations. Thanks to their lack of fact checking at the Red Cross (someone in the power chain must be connected), the Red Cross has permanently defaced their name. How sad.

Flag of the Red Cross Suomi: Punaisen Ristin l...Flag of the Red Cross Suomi: Punaisen Ristin lippu Français : Drapeau de la Croix-Rouge Italiano: Bandiera della Croce Rossa ??????????: ????? ?? ???????? ???? Rumantsch: Bandiera de la Crusch cotschna (Photo credit: )

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