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Daycare psyOp hoax

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There is an agenda to do away with unlicensed daycares and replace them with fully taxpayer funded government run centers. There really isn’t a lot of support for them, but a vocal minority and of course a whole industry of daycare “workers” is ready to pounce if it gets momentum and the public’s support.

To that end, this story (and the Quebec daycare siege a few months back) are clearly being used to further this agenda.

She was a mature 2-year-old. So precocious that her parents felt she was a grownup in a child’s body. (Who writes this pap?)

But Eva Ravikovich was only a toddler. When her mother went back to work, Eva was put in an unlicensed home daycare.

via Heartbroken parents of daycare victim Eva Ravikovich touched by support | Toronto Star.

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