So who is missing still at Lac Megantic?

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Looks like the fakists the Quebec train crash hoax are settling on 47 and 38 (=11) for their final .

On the day that last body was found the head of the Quebec provincial police’s crime scene investigators, Steven Montambeault, cried during interviews as he described sights and smells that he said will haunt him forever.
The number of bodies found could still change, even if the search is over, Lapointe said. The coroner’s office, meanwhile, said it has identified 38 of the bodies and will work to identify the rest.

More ridiculous over the top silly stories about 0;crying during interviews” (let see them) to tell you how to react.

What are the names of the missing vicsims? Don’t they need any of the public’s help to find them?…

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