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SSSSSuspicious SSSSSnake SSSStory

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Why did a python kill 2 boys in N.B.  Experts explain  extremely rare  attack   CTV NewsThey wouldn’t fake a story like this to get a snake store shut down, would they?

Notice the story has no names of vicsims, no police name or police confirmation. It has magic, tell-tale numbers. A complete fairy (snake) tale.

However, there was an online petition calling for Reptile Ocean to be shut down. The person who started the petition complained about the humidity in the store and the condition of some animals.

via Python kills two boys in their sleep at New Brunswick sleepover – The Globe and Mail.

Iran on Iraq

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El Sushi on what’s going on in Iraq. You won’t hear this in the nightly news:

Dear brother Waleed,
?????? ?????

Thanks a lot for these pictures showing our three usual Shia culprits sponsored by the Safavids of Iran. Khamanay, Sadiq Alsader and Khumainy (indeed, this one used to be an Iran leader back in time, thanks for recalling that crucial info brother) are no other than shia infiltatred agents personifying pseudo religious leaders. There’s a real insidious war being perpetrated at the moment on the Sunni community of both Iraq and Syria and though I’m far from knowing both all the reasons and details, it doesn’t really require us to be middle east specialists in order to realize that almost never addressed fundamental issue.
The Ministry of Oil is indeed the only site fully protected by the American army, well, no big surprise here. But again, most Iraqi oil has been controlled for decades by the occidental multinational powers/ organizations. And the same goes with the rest of Africa and their corrupted leaders working hand in hand with this globalized mafia.
Chinese are there too, they actually have no other choice than exploiting major resources there if they want to be able to address the incredible increasing demand coming of their domestic market.

Do the American Army leaders care about that insidious/complicit war being perpetrated by the Shia  “wealthy” community on the Sunni community of Iraq and Syria? Of course, they don’t give a damn, let’s call it military pragmatism. Do the European nations care ? Same. No balls. None of our “business”. Cause war is nothing but a business. Let’s try to imagine the magnitude of this war as well as the countless ones that occured after. Post 9-11 (www.septemberclues.info) has mainly be created in order to increase the military-industrial complex expenditures and investments.

And so meanwhile, Iran, with the help of the U.S. Army, the Russians, the Europeans, is pursing his own dream, a dream that was long ago expressed by the elite running the dynasty of the Safavids (?????? ???????   ), which consists in making Iran the new first Islamic place of the world with Teheran as the new Islamic capital, especially through their sacrosanct Oumma project. This project has been on for decades  and it is now time for most Iranian leaders and their Hezbollah branches located in Iraq and Syria to make their dream come true. Iran and the U.S. are not against each other. Syria and Iraq actually fear more Iran than Israel. That Iran – U.S. – Israel pseudo conflict is a massive media hoax, they’re working together. The military media (the “media” is nothing but a military intelligence fabrication) is controlling the information and so unless one can understand both Arabic and Persian languages, it will be almost impossible to get the big picture.


Dear Friends
 yesterday i had on air interview with my Canadian radio,call abirato international radio,and one of the questions was, who is controlling Iraq now a days , my answer was Iran controlling iraq because i know very well what is going on in iraq, and today i was driving on street in down town and i took two pictures in different locations on near by central highway and another one just near from the Ministry of oil, may be very body remember this ministry it was the only ministry which was protected by American troops after invasion 2003
my question is what America get from the War against Iraq
the characters in that pictures are from the left to the right
1- Ali Khamanay Iranian religious leader and huzubullaha founder
2- Mohamed sadiq alsader
3- Khumainy the ex Iran leader in 1980s

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