SSSSSuspicious SSSSSnake SSSStory

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Why did a python kill 2 boys in N.B.  Experts explain  extremely rare  attack   CTV NewsThey wouldn’t fake a story like this to get a snake store shut down, would they?

Notice the story has no names of vicsims, no police name or police confirmation. It has , tell-tale . A complete fairy (snake) tale.

However, there was an online petition calling for Reptile Ocean to be shut down. The person who started the petition complained about the humidity in the store and the condition of some animals.

via Python kills two boys in their sleep at New Brunswick sleepover – The Globe and Mail.

2 thoughts on “SSSSSuspicious SSSSSnake SSSStory

  1. xileffilex

    Thissssss ssssilly sssstory wassss put to bed after 3 years 4 months, by a jury who found the pet shop owner “not guilty”…

    Mandy Trecartin, the boys’ mother, showed little emotion and declined to comment as she left the court Wednesday night.

    Both boys had been buried in a single casket! [closed of course] at the time
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