Japan is nuclear lies central

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All countries have their central role in global fakery. Clearly plays the leader in nuclear fakery, from to Fukushima.

Fakeoligist.com official nuclear position is that judging by the around the Atom bomb video 0;evidence”, there is most likely no such device. Taking that further, there is good reason to believe that the whole concept of nuclear and radiation is a fraud, with its roots in sorcery.

Sound ridiculous? Put all nuclear stories from now to the beginning into a paradigm and they will all make sense. They are all about fear and money. Lots of it.

Abe put the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in charge of the situation, while demanding that the plant’s operator, TEPCO take the necessary steps to deal with the cleanup, which is anticipated to take more than 40 years at a cost of US$11 billion. 


H/t Banazir

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