Rehtaeh Parsons hoax arrests

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The less publicized teen cyberbullying hoax had another big plot development today. Two in fact, but of course the timing is coincidental. They even tell you that in case you dared think it fake.

The arrests come one day after the implementation of new, more strict legislation against cyberbullying in Nova Scotia, though MacRae said the timing of the arrests is purely coincidental.

The new legislation gives victims the ability to sue alleged cyberbullies or their parents, if those accused are minors.

Mother feels relief
Leah Parsons told News that police came to her house and told her of the arrests at 8:10 a.m. AT…

Canada is quickly leading the industry lately, unless other world stories are being pushed off my radar.

Wonder if they’ll revive the with some new juicy fakery? The fake arm graphic we posted has viral hits on it.…

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