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SSSSnakes ssssyop interview

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I called a snakeologist today and asked a few questions about Canada’s big psyOp of the week, the SSSSnake psyOp.

Needless to say that his information only confirms in my mind that we are dealing with another fake event. Now how much is fake? Be clear that an exotic animal store probably exists. A funeral was probably held. Interviews were really conducted. All events that can be easily constructed like a movie, complete with actors. A psyOp is a composite event, and because it mixes reality with fakery, it is very difficult to discern which parts are manufactured.



dr walton

Here’s the old story the Dr. was referring to.

Maple Ridge vet could have trouble finding albino python a home after New Brunswick tragedy

h/t Banazir for Dr. Story

Nasa hoax management

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Everytime I get alerted to a MSM article on fakery, I am always disappointed when I read through it. Here is a fairly incoherent article equating those that research the Hadfield/ISS space hoax to be nutters.

It took less than two months after the beloved astronaut Chris Hadfield’s return from space for Earth to prove once again that it’s not worth coming back to.

In an article in this month’s issue of Blacklock’s Reporter – an Ottawa-based, subscription-only news service apparently run by a group of uppity hobbits – there is a Woodward-and-Bernstein-style exposé on how Mr. Hadfield allegedly had a team of PR experts running the social-media campaign that shot the Canadian astronaut to international fame.

via Was Hadfield a hoax, like the moon landing? – The Globe and Mail.

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Ep54-911 Revealed to Alan Park

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Showtime: Saturday, August 10, 2013 9:11pm EDT



ep54-911 Revealed to Alan Park

Alan Park of conspiracyqueries.com joins us to talk 9/11. With listener caller Rollo.

We will wade through the fakery, take calls, and try and catch up on a very busy past few weeks.

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Manufacturing protest video

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As we heard on last week’s call with Waleed, they are busy manufacturing video footage in Iraq, as they are everywhere in the world.

Here’s some going on in Egypt. Reminds of the 60 minutes Pallywood footage from years back.


via LiveLeak.com – Pallywood training in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood “protesters” pose for the cameras.

h/t Samy

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