Ep54-911 Revealed to Alan Park

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Showtime: Saturday, August 10, 2013 9:11pm EDT



ep54-911 Revealed to Alan Park

Alan Park of conspiracyqueries.com joins us to talk . With listener caller Rollo.

We will wade through the , take calls, and try and catch up on a very busy past few weeks.

On Bill Cooper


Robert Blake

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6 thoughts on “Ep54-911 Revealed to Alan Park

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    1. Carys

      Seconding Aaron’s comment. You chose a great guest in Alan Park and his open-mindedness made for a lively and interesting discussion. It’s intriguing to find out where people stall on the whole issue of media fakery – and what the barriers are (self-imposed and those programmed into us by our manufactured culture) that prevent us seeing further. I appreciated your thoughtful questions to Alan as well as his intelligent responses.

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