Nasa hoax management

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Everytime I get alerted to a MSM article on , I am always disappointed when I read through it. Here is a fairly incoherent article equating those that research the Hadfield/ISS space hoax to be nutters.

It took less than two months after the beloved astronaut Chris Hadfield’s return from space for Earth to prove once again that it’s not worth coming back to.

In an article in this month’s issue of Blacklock’s Reporter – an Ottawa-based, subscription-only news service apparently run by a group of uppity hobbits – there is a Woodward-and-Bernstein-style exposé on how Mr. Hadfield allegedly had a team of PR experts the social-media campaign that shot the Canadian astronaut to international fame.

via Was Hadfield a hoax, like the moon landing? – The Globe and Mail.

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