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Minimal effort

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$10m reward to find terror leader as bombs kill 74 | The Times.

They’re not putting much effort into some of their phantom simTerrorists

al-Baghdadi”, leader of the former al-Qaeda in Iraq. Really? Lousy picture, too. No detail to pick apart here!

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Backup blog down

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Import ‹ Fakeologist — WordPress



fakeologist.blogspot.com is now live….for now.

fakeologist.wordpress.com is down now.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Let’s see how the appeal process goes.

As I’ve said before, enjoy your technology while it lasts. We will be back to shortwave radio and newsletters by pony express before you know it.

WordPress.com — Your Blogging Home.

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Blackout 2003 | Toronto Star

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This story is going to be promoted over the next few days.

There aren’t too many clues to fakery as to whether or not this was a manufactured event. I tend to think that the complicated grid intertwining complete with competing and conflicting monitoring had something to do with it. I was always bothered by the official explanation for the first few days, but don’t see any standout clues in the subsequent reportsen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northeas…

From a pre-planned event scenario, it’s quite possible a real world test is done every few decades to test the infrastructure and see the sh*tizen’s reactions to no power. It could also be used to further a (needed) agenda to bolster power lines and generation.

As usual, I doubt we’ll ever know.

Blackout 2003 | Toronto Star.

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Radioab library

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Come and get the entire radioab archive via this new technology (use it while you have it). The show will automatically download after it’s posted.

Bittorrent Sync all past episodes:

Enter the following key into bittorrent sync and have shows on your computer and do your part to propagate the fakeology files! h/t No Agenda Show Bittorrent sync guide.


Here’s the key for all abirato’s screenshots:


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Hoi on KFAI

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Here’s an audio I mentioned last year – for new readers, it’s worth a listen again.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is what I would call the VERY BEST radio podcast summarizing the entire SEPTEMBER CLUES research, courtesy of the magic Hoi Polloi (aka Maxeem Konrardy – the author of the Vicsim Report) ! You’re da man, Hoi !!!!

Please everyone spend those 50 minutes listening to it all!



It was broadcast on the Minneapolis KFAI radio – yesterday! There’s hope people, there’s hope for our planet, if such rational and truth-packed radio programs are still allowed to be aired!

via SEPTEMBER CLUES on air • Cluesfo

abirato link KFAIradio_HOI_POLLOI_dec2012

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