Children used for deception

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We saw it during the PsyOp, and it looks like it’s being used here as part of the SSSSnake SSSyop.. Examine this video carefully, noting that most children cannot deceive deliberately up to about 7, the age I am guessing of this child. They can tell stories as told to them, however, especially if they are their true experiences. The only minor odd thing about this video is the left and right audio channels being used exclusively for the interviewer and child and not mixed. This raises the possibility that the child was answering questions from another interviewer, with the final result mixed in expertly. The fact that we don’t see the interviewer in the same shot confirms this.

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RAW: Barthe boys’ friend on MSN Video.

h/t JohnnyC

1 thought on “Children used for deception

  1. Aaron Johnson

    I”m not sure what to make of this. I want to believe the kid is being sincere but at the same time I think he’s acting. I definitely think the Sandy Hook kids were acting. The kid on Dr. Oz was a clear example in my opinion.


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