Who are “they/them” ?

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I tend to agree with this commenter’s POV.

Sven Rustempaši?August 11, 2013 at 11:45 AM
Nobody controls me, not even my wife. But, to make happen, they would have to be 100% in control – and they are NOT. Do people follow? ¨Somebody¨ would have to break the ranks. So, while Israel benefits from 9/11 in terms on war against Muslims, they are only a PART of the Establishment, but NOT 100% of the Establishment. The Establishment of the West consists of four pillars: Aristocrats, Theocrats, Plutocrats and Cryjptocrats. Jews are only a PART of Establishment, present in all four pillars, but, once again, NOT 100% of Establishment. I shall give you a clue: is the head of Theocracy (yes, the control hundreds of so-called protestant churches, as well). As for Eric Jon Phelps, well, he is ¨soft¨ on the Jews, it is obvious – but given his enemy (guess who?), he knows that he cannot fight a battle on several fronts, so he has to ¨soften up¨ on one front. One question:: WHO gave Jews all the organizations that you list, so that they could be a VISIBLE heads on top of them (so they can be whipping boys for all of you pundits)?!


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