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Bitmessage Wiki

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We’re trying a new form of email communication, one that circumvents all central servers. To try it, click the wiki and download the program for windoze. If you want to send fakeologist.com a message, here is our address: BM-2D7m2mzVDxSkccAou6vGpAc15fAb5GC6SQ

Bitmessage Wiki.

Welcome to the future of decentralized email. Anything to make Google and the NSA less powerful.

If someone wants to test this out with me, I’d appreciate it. I also created a channel, called fakeologistJoin that to see how that works.

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TTC Collision hoax

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click to enlarge for notes

This story smells like the Sammy Yatin Streetcar shooting hoax. There are many, many clues. I will put it down as suspicious for now. Do we have any Tamil fakeologists who can help?

Kandiah Kanagarajah started to cry as he talked about his baby sister Manoranjana Kanagasabapathy, who died Tuesday as she boarded a stopped TTC bus that was struck by a cube truck at Steeles Avenue and Middlefield Road.

via Community mourns TTC crash victim who was always smiling – The Globe and Mail.


  • ready made poster of vicsim
  • accident looks staged
  • media has diagrams at the ready of collision
  • magic numbers
  • same funeral home as previous psyOp
  • cause of crash speculated and practically confirmed immediately (talking on cell phone, which IS a legitimate issue and PROBLEM – so let’s watch for more REACTION and SOLUTION
  •  “always smiling” phrase, which I believe is a psyOp signature.

Graphic ready to go seemingly before any investigation:



Always smiling

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9/11 victim was always smiling – Google Search.

Is this always smilingphrase as important as the magic numbers when looking for psyOps? It certainly comes up an awful lot.

Quickly: describe a loved one right away. Does “always smiling” come to mind?

I thought of many people I know, and some are delightful. Common phrases I think of are

  • always working
  • always whining
  • always yelling
  • always plotting

Perhaps I don’t hang around enough positive people.


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Nuke plants and 9/11

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More psychic driving of the same old hoaxes.

U.S. nuclear power plants are not adequately protected from threats, including the theft of bomb-grade material that could be used to make weapons and attacks intended to cause a reactor meltdown, a University of Texas report said on Thursday.

A spokesman for the nuclear energy sector’s trade group, the Nuclear Energy Institute, said security at nuclear facilities has improved markedly since 9/11, with 9,000 well-armed and highly trained officers defending the country’s 62 plants.

via U.S. nuclear power plants vulnerable to 9/11-style attacks: report – Yahoo! News.

Wonder exactly what a well trained and armed guard would do exactly, and to whom?

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Egypt vicsim collage?

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This looks familiar. A “wall” of sorts of vicsims…where the death count is all over the map, but I’ve seen the number 638 a few times.

If he didn’t take sides, he clearly laid blame. U.S. President Barack Obama “strongly condemned” Egypt’s interim government and its army for a deadly crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

via What the world can (and can’t) do after Egypt’s deadly day – The Globe and Mail.

We have all read bits and pieces about the 911 Victims memorial wall which went up in lightning speed, across from the world trade center. And the research has been scattered across many post and is time for its own thread.

The 9/11 Memorial Wall Hoax: Psyche War – Hiding Behind Human Shields – Let’s Roll Forums

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