Always smiling

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9/11 victim was always smiling – Google Search.

Is this always smilingphrase as important as the when looking for ? It certainly comes up an awful lot.

Quickly: describe a loved one right away. Does 0;always smiling” come to mind?

I thought of many people I know, and some are delightful. Common phrases I think of are

  • always working
  • always whining
  • always yelling
  • always plotting

Perhaps I don’t hang around enough positive people.


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4 thoughts on “Always smiling

  1. Carys

    (CNN) — A German tourist bitten by a shark while she was vacationing in Hawaii died Wednesday, a week after the attack, her family said.

    Jana Lutteropp was remembered by her mother, Jutta Lutteropp, and sister, Julia Broeske, as “a very beautiful, strong young woman who was always laughing, and we will forever remember her that way.”…

    1. ab Post author

      Excellent catch. The name “Lutteropp” also sounds odd. They’re always trying to make a joke out of names, but this one isn’t evident, if it is at all.

  2. Carys

    Well noted. It possibly plays to the whole Batman/Joker theme we see popping up in each of these psyops. There is always a kooky Joker smile somewhere in the news coverage. Often, amongst the images of tragic scenes featuring weeping vicsims and grieving relatives, is some random photoshopped onlooker in the background with an inexplicable smile on their face. “Why so serious?” eh? 🙂

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