Nuke plants and 9/11

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More of the same old hoaxes.

U.S. nuclear power plants are not adequately protected from threats, including the theft of bomb-grade material that could be used to make weapons and attacks intended to cause a reactor meltdown, a University of report said on Thursday.

A spokesman for the nuclear energy sector’s trade group, the Nuclear Energy Institute, said security at nuclear facilities has improved markedly since , with 9,000 well-armed and highly trained officers defending the country’s 62 plants.

via U.S. nuclear power plants vulnerable to 9/11-style attacks: report – Yahoo! News.

Wonder exactly what a well trained and armed guard would do exactly, and to whom?

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1 thought on “Nuke plants and 9/11

  1. rickpotvin

    Since nuclear power doesn’t exist and what are called nuclear power plants are nothing but required dumploads to keep loads on grids during the nights when consumption is less, I would say the guards are there on the phony pretext of being there to prevent terror– when really they’re there to prevent investigative investigative journalists from proving that they’re only dump loads. More people are aware of this since and now shack’s work on this. What better way to prevent the idea being proven than to shoot journalists as terrorists?

    I was once nosing around the nuke plant called Bruce in Ontario in 1988 here……

    The drive up to the gate is intimidating because everything is so huge– in terms of fences and roads and space– and there is TOURIST BOOTH– who direct you down a road where there IS a “science center” with a MODEL of a nuke plant and some videos and a coffee machine. I asked if I could get an actual tour of the actual facility, THROUGH the actual plant.. and they said that doesn’t happen. Tours are limited only to the stupid little science center with a model. So already back in 1988, the entire site was under tight security. To up the ante with 20 armed guards would be consistent with insistent or clever investigative journalists who might be able to get in via other methods I would never attempt. You probably can’t even get close to the outlets of hot water– which prove these plants only convert load to hot water for release into the lakes.

    The town near the plant where I lived for awhile was full of retied nuclear power plant people and I knew just one family– who I grew up with as a kid– but not really knowing. He’s a freemason so I’m sure the nuke plants are all freemasonic controlled. Even as adults now, he would distract our converstion with talk of family and kids and never present opportunities to “talk shop”. I never ran into anyone else in town who could “talk shop” despite circulating quite a bit.


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