TTC Collision hoax

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This story smells like the Sammy Yatin Streetcar shooting hoax. There are many, many clues. I will put it down as suspicious for now. Do we have any Tamil fakeologists who can help?

Kandiah Kanagarajah started to cry as he talked about his baby sister Manoranjana Kanagasabapathy, who died Tuesday as she boarded a stopped TTC bus that was struck by a cube truck at Steeles Avenue and Middlefield Road.

via Community mourns TTC crash victim who was always smiling – The Globe and Mail.


  • ready made poster of vicsim
  • accident looks staged
  • media has diagrams at the ready of collision
  • same funeral home as previous
  • cause of crash speculated and practically confirmed immediately (talking on cell phone, which IS a legitimate issue and PROBLEM – so let’s watch for more REACTION and SOLUTION
  •  0;always smiling” phrase, which I believe is a psyOp signature.

Graphic ready to go seemingly before any investigation:…


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