Breast bombs!

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breast bombsA new piece of nonsense propaganda, mentioned by Lenon Honor on last night’s show:

Personally, I believe that this meme is going to be used to increase recruitment for the TSA blueshirts. Shoes, underwear, what’s next, suppository bombs? Anyone interested in a rectal search for that quick air commute to NYC?

Explosive specialists have highlighted that airline officials are ‘petrified’ of the possibility of highly dangerous equipment being undetectable in this fashion.

Heathrow Airport is on high terror alert with airport workers being extra careful and making more security checks than normal as one worker confirmed 0;there are genuine fears” among employees.

The staff member at Heathrow airport said: 0;We have been told to pay particular attention to females who may have concealed hidden explosives in their breasts.

via Booby trap! Women suicide bombers to hide bombs in their breast implants | Latest News | News | Daily Star. Simply The Best 7 Days A Week.

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2 thoughts on “Breast bombs!

  1. lux

    I’m guessing the next big thing along this line would be head bombs. Since this would apply to both genders it would double the terror threat. It would also be easier to implement since there appears to be a great deal of unused space in that particular part of the body these days.


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