I have to pay for the lies now?

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From $120-$240 a year – all deceptively written in their small print. That’s what the digital newspapers want from you to read their lies.

Personally, it’s a blessing for regular people. It will be enough deterrent for them to avoid reading the fake news. Most local columnists are long gone anyway, replaced with a one world newsfeed (Rude-rs and AP). It’s so much easier to fake news now and get away with it, since there is now openly no competition and no one checking. Our only hope is (real) citizen, non profit independent voices.

If you ever want to get around their article maximum views roadblock, simply switch to private browsing. Press ctrl-shift-n in Chrome, and ctrl-shift-p in Firefox. http://browsers.about.com/od/faq/tp/Incognito-Browsing.htm

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