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Alternate media is fear too

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My comment:

Maria mentions fear based mind control of the MSM and alternate media from the book by Lenon Honor. After listening to hundreds of Jim’s shows, I can easily label Jim. He’s Alex Jones with a professor’s hat. The guests spewing fear are on weekly. Jim then takes their fear and amplifies it 10x. Remove the phony victims from 9/11 and you have a badly spun fairy tale. Remove the Zapruder fakery and you have a President who simply went missing. Removing emotion allows logic to prevail, and logically, nothing but fake events took place to plant fear in the citizens for control. Sadly, it repeats in smaller doses on a weekly basis, and with 24hr news, it’s global brought local.


The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Meria Heller / Allan Weisbecker.

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Two most famous fear videos buried in your mind

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The 9/11 plane crash shot



The JFK headshot




The two most psychic driven (repetitive videos to bury in your subconscious mind) ever known to man are in this post. I posit to you that both are completely manufactured via computer cgi (9/11) or old fashioned film movie making (JFK). Both are complete fabrications, and not based on real events. They are complete works of fiction for the purposes of terror based mind control.

All the stories, rabbit trails, commissions, explanations, laws, regulations, investigations, media specials are all based on completely made up events. They are driven deep into your mind on the day they are released (not occurred), and are re-triggered each year to return you to your state of fear based paranoia and submission.

Now, if you know they are as fake as Forrest Gump meeting JFK, are you still scared? Are you still willing to submit to each and every law and restriction created because of them?

You need to know this. The numbers 9, 11, and 22 will be beaten like drums into your head from now until November. There will be in all kinds of fake stories. Snakes, trains, planes, bombs, explosions, death, destruction — you name the scary story. They are trying to trigger the videos planted deep into your brain. This is a war – a war on you!

You will be ok. As a budding fakeologist (tell all your friends, you will have fun defining yourself with this new word), you see through the nonsense. You won’t be taken hostage and controlled. You will enjoy life knowing it’s just the big boys playing with their toys (the sheeple). You will turn off the TV, turn of the fear based MSM and ALT media, and seek independent verification at sites like this and know that you are one of the 0.001% of all thinking people on the planet that can see what’s really going on. You will look for fakery clues in everything you see and hear, and relax seeing the psyOp signatures placed there for you and those in control.

You will relax and live longer.



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