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Grieving in Guantanamo

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Not all Canadians are in Cuba on vacation. Some are busy on location, acting for the ongoing 9/11 sequel.

One evening, during each week of hearings for the Guantanamo prosecution of five detainees accused of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the relatives of those killed on

via Grieving in Guantanamo – The World Daily.

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Headshot psyOps vicsims speak out

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fakelogo_headshots.pngIf you remove the emotion from the psyOps, ie. the wounds, the deaths, the staged phony bloody scenes of chaos, you see right through them. Here’s a roundup of the three most famous headshot vicsims, doing their best to help influence and change laws. Listen to the similarities in what they have to say. Clearly they are reading from the same script, from the same script writers.

Giffords taking lessons from James Brady.

Imagine giving up most of your life to lie. Would you do it? Is money all it takes to convince people?

Malala speaks very well…not a trace of damage. Guess kids bounce back better.

Syria – latest media fakery?

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Markus Allen breaks it down by reviewing all the latest video fakery methods.

Bottom line is you shouldn’t trust any of the imagery that purports to be from Syria.