Engaging Fetzer on Fear

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Jim, you don’t have it ALL wrong. If you did, I wouldn’t be listening. You are very close to what I believe is happening. I have elaborated on my position at my site, fakeologist.com. Both the MSM and Alt media, of which you are a member, specialize in varying degrees of fear propagation. Central to that is death and suffering. We believe, as recent guest Ole mentioned, that no-one dies as we are told in these latest psyOps. Maybe even before recent media event , people don’t die as we are told. Going back even further, perhaps the WW2 need to be questioned (military and civilians), since we know they lie, and lie well, and get away with it.

So if no one dies, and no one is being radiated upon, then where is the fear? Without the fear, there is no control, and we can return to our regularly scheduled lives and be kind to each other. Thanks to your scurrying down rabbit holes with your guests on , YOU helped convince me that 9/11 was based on 11//63. Your weekly trips down dead ended pathways, with never concluding stories, convinced me of the close parallelism of the two events. All the rabbit trails help propagate the fear, since even alternative conspiracies imply that sinister forces are working behind the scenes that the citizens need to be afraid of.

Using logic, your speciality, I’m convinced that since no-one died as we are told on 9/11, then why would anyone die on 11/22? Since the fear on 9/11 was based on faked moving pictures of planes hitting buildings, then logically the fear of the President’s head being blown apart is based on what is clearly a doctored, if not completely faked, Zapruder film. If the President did not die as we are told, then this implies that he was/is part of a bigger picture, revealing an even larger scale layer of the onion. What if the President is simply an actor, and his instalment is prearranged? What if election outcomes are carefully rigged, where there is only an illusion of competition? Could political theater be pre-scripted — acting for ugly people?

If the President of the US is controlled, then what about the presidents of other countries? Are they being controlled? Do our countries have real enemies, if all the leaders are under the same command and control structure? My research is leading to the concept that governments are really working together, whether or not they are publically opposed. Their real enemy is their own people, as they need to keep them afraid and bankrupt in order to continue to provide solutions to fake problems. Most people are aware of this, and distrust their leaders in ALL countries. What they aren’t aware of is the larger global manipulation and coordination, a concept so large that is unbelievable and impossible to them to fathom.

The only thing we can be sure of is we are not getting the real story (discard the corrupted word truth, please). The fake story is based on fear, and fear allows for externalization of power, or control. This control allows for laws to be passed, constitutions to be circumvented, and money to be spent. Fear and money are the two pillars of psyOps, and must always be examined and returned to when trying to deconstruct all major media events.

In summary, fear is central to all psyOps. Whether it is MSM or ALT media, they all promote the same central message. Without fear, there is nothing to worry about, and the raison-d’etre of most media and their controllers is neutralized and nullified.

The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Meria Heller / Allan Weisbecker.

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