Neatly piled dead bodies

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Jonestown always fascinated me.I really enjoyed the movie, as I am always amazed how individuals can have such powerful influence over groups. Jim Jones, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Lenin, Lennon, to name a few of such public figures.

I just happened to take a look at some of the Jonestown photos of 0;the dead” today. I well remember this “event.” It was a major news story and had an electrifying effect on the public at the time (1978).

via Jonestown, CIA Mind Control Experiment – Mae Brussell, 1978 •

h/t Lux

Not equating the two pictures just yet, but of course this latest imagery from Syria comes to (my simple) mind.

1 thought on “Neatly piled dead bodies

  1. Aaron Johnson

    I was thinking about this story the other week. At this point I think it was a hoax but years ago I remember being so sad after watching the special they had on it. Now I’m looking at it more critically and am convinced they fooled us once again. It was a good story though.


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