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Who rules the world?

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Tim (JankyJ) has a good post trying to get to the bottom of who owns this planet.

The same “big four” control the vast majority of European companies counted on the stock exchange.
In addition, all these people run the large financial institutions, such as the IMF, the European Central Bank or the World Bank, and were “trained” and remain “employees” of the “big four” that formed them.
The names of the families that control the “big four”, never appear.


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Money element of Streetcar hoax

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Sorry to bore international users, but more on the Toronto Streetcar Sammy Yatin hoax. Here’s the “spend more tax money” aspect and add overpriced “dash cams” to our already overburdened (clothing wise) police forcillo. The psychic driving element of surveillance=security is so Orwellian and sad.

Services using the cameras say the devices give added protection for police and the public, reduce frivolous complaints and keep officers on their best behaviour.

But the need for body cams runs deeper in Toronto, where public trust in police is badly broken.

via Body cams would make things easier on our police officers | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

Hoi on MLK march

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Hoi writes a scathing review of a post MLK era black state of affairs in America.

In this recent article about commemorating Martin Luther King’s legacy, and his gorgeous masterpiece, the I Have A Dream speech, many strange and contradictory elements of the inter-American experience come to a head.


For the record, I’m convinced that MLK was never killed, but removed via the script as JFK and RFK, and Lennon for that matter.

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