Hoi on MLK march

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Hoi writes a scathing review of a post MLK era black state of affairs in America.

In this recent article about commemorating Martin Luther King’s legacy, and his gorgeous masterpiece, the I Have A Dream speech, many strange and contradictory elements of the inter-American experience come to a head.


For the record, I’m convinced that MLK was never killed, but removed via the script as and RFK, and Lennon for that matter.

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1 thought on “Hoi on MLK march

  1. Aaron Johnson

    I’d have to agree. I think MLK’s death was faked and getting rid of him was just part of the script. The picture of the him after getting shot on the balcony had too many oddities in it that until recently, I had never considered. For instance, what are the odds of a cameraman catching three people pointing in the same direction and a man kneeling down with a white cloth over MLK? On top of that, the cameraman didn’t get a good shot of MLK even though there was nothing stopping him from getting a lot closer. A cameraman would want to get the best picture possible of the most influential figures in the past century right after he was shot. At least, that’s what I would think

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